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High angle rescue training

Rope Rescue Training

Like you, we are members of emergency response teams dedicated to saving lives. Whether your paid or a volunteer member of an Industrial Emergency Response team or Wilderness Search & Rescue organisation, our goal is to pass on the lessons and experience that we have gained in an effort to help you get safely back home to your family.
Working as teams, students will explore how to build seemingly complex arrangements to reach, treat and extricate a patients from a wide variety of industrial and wilderness environments. Throughout our courses, each system is analyzed so that students truly understand the physics and principals of what they are doing. The tactics that we teach are based on system simplicity, redundancy and integrity  and safety is at the forefront of everting we do. At Black Dragon Rescue, High Angle Rescue is our passion, our commitment is to provide your organization with the highest quality reality-based rescue training available anywhere and our commitment doesn’t end at the completion of the course.

Industrial Rescue Courses

Rope Rescue Techncian I-II
Rope Rescue Technician III
Confined space / structural rescue
Non-Commital Fall Arrest Rescue
Industrail Course Info

Wilderness Rescue Courses

Low & Steep Angle Rescue
Wilderness Rope Rescue Technician I-II
Advanced Rope Rescue Techncian III

 Wilderness Course Info  

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principal based simplicity



Technical rescue operations are considered “high-risk” “low-frequency” occurrences. When your team is faced with making life and death decisions, in our opinion, there is no need to overcomplicate your actions. We strive to keep our training as simple and concise as possible.
When custom developing a course for your organization, we first consider three factors, the team’s ability to apply the tactics we teach in their environment, equipment intensity and the frequency of in-house training required to maintain the team’s proficiency.
Our ultimate goal, when it comes time for your team to respond, they will have the skills and discipline to be confident in their approach. Becoming a highly skilled competent rescue team is not about training on the most complex rope system imaginable, it’s about doing the things that will make the absolute difference in your team’s safety and success. The old saying “if you don’t use it, you lose it” is absolutely applicable at any level of rope rescue.
Our courses are taught by experienced rescue professionals who respond to multiple technical rescue operations every year. This experience has given our team the hands-on real-world experience to deliver a well-designed and disciplined courses that is driven by system simplicity and focused on safety. 

At the completion of our courses, student should have a solid fundamental understanding of a professional rope rescue operation, be skilled in the use of traditional rescue knots & hitches, natural and artificial anchor systems, rescue belays, mechanical advantage systems, lowering & raising operations, artificial high directional’s, vertical and horizontal basket techniques, horizontal rope systems, pickoffs, knot passing, rappelling and ascending, medical considerations and patient packaging, litter attending, and have the personal vertical safety and survival skills necessary to take care of themselves during a high-risk vertical rescue operation.

“Gravity is a hard teacher, and in a high risk vertical environment,
  most lessons are only taught once”

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