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Low & Steep Angle Rescue 

LOW and steep angle rescue (SCREE EVAC)

Low and step angle rescues are among the most common types of rope aided rescues performed in the united states. While not every jurisdiction can justify the need of a high angle rescue team, almost every jurisdiction has steep slopes and dangerous terrain and the potential to conduct over-the-bank casualty extractions during motor vehicle accidents, or use these tactics in a mountainous SAR scree evacuation operations.

Developed for all rescue personnel active in the field, this course provides instruction on low and step angle evacuations on accessible terrain with slopes of 30 to 55 degrees. Topics covered include the appropriate use of ropes and equipment, knots, anchor systems, pulley systems and packaging and safe movement of casualties. Areas of particular focus will be placed on rope system principals and system rigging physics including mechanical advantage theory, belay principals and techniques, rescue belay competency criteria, static system safety factors and scree EVAC techniques. Course curriculum is presented in a combination of classroom and field sessions.

PREREQUISITES: NONE-Rescue experience that includes a strong safety mindset and the ability to work on a team level is highly recommended
WHAT TO BRING: Good boots for varied terrain including hill sides and rock, Helmet, Climbing type and light, Harness Class II or III, High quality leather gloves, 33’ 6mm accessory cords for tying Purcell Prusik System, 1-12’ piece of one inch tubular webbing for knot tying and field use, 1-12’ length of 8mm prusik rope for knot tying. 
COURSE INCLUDES: Course completion certificate, and core handouts.

PAYING IT FORWARD: If you belong to a volunteer non-profit public service organization located in Utah and your team has budget issues, we will provide this course free of charge. No gimmicks. We will only request that minimal expenses are covered for travel, lodging, course handouts and additional instructors if needed. This is an intense two-day course that will not skimp on anything!

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