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Industrial Rescue Training


Whenever your employees work-at-height or enter a confined space, OSHA regulations call for the employer to provide for prompt rescue of the injured worker. Industrial Emergency Responce is a serious undertaking that requires an enormous degree of commitment and effort from everyone involved. As 30 year members of Industrial Emergency Response teams, Black Dragon Instructors have a unique insight into the challenges that industrial teams face. Training and equipping teams are expensive undertaking that can challenge any facilities budget, doing it right, the first time, is absolutely critical.

Our industrial courses go way beyond merely teaching standards, they are also not canned cookie cutter course taught out of a book, by a mass produced instructor. The experience we have gained responding to multiple technical rescue operations, has given our team the hands-on real-world experience to deliver a well-designed and disciplined courses that is driven by system simplicity and focused on safety. Students must develop the fundamentals skills they will use to respond, in realistic environments under real-life conditions, we believe this is the only way students will be able to gain some of the essential experience that they will need to handle in a real-life situation. Every member of the team must be trained, confident, disciplined, and knowledge linked with training, practical experience and safety must be at the forefront of everything done, it’s simple, there are no do-overs in the real world!



On-site Training is a flexible, cost-effective option that allows you to limit downtime and expand the number of people that can attend a training course. Learning in a group environment boosts individual and team knowledge and is the best way to develop a cohesive, effective rescue team that works strategically to meet your organizations goals. Courses are tailored around your organization and focused on your site specific operational needs. When our instructors come to your location, you experience reduced registration fees, minimized travel expenses, diminished employee downtime and facility specific training. Each course is custom developed to fit your required needs, time schedule, personnel requirements, as well as your budget.


  • A contact person, please include a phone number, mailing address, fax number and email address.
  • The total number of students that will be attending the course.
  • A list of nearby accommodations; hotels, airports, map and directions to your facility etc. A time frame for the course and the course that you are requesting.
  • A time frame for the course and the course that you are requesting.
  • A list of nearby accommodations; hotels, airports, map and directions to your facility etc.

Course Costs

Black Dragon Rescue Systems, LLC is fully licensed and insured. All courses are priced based upon the number of participants, the number of requested training days/hours, the number of required instructors and any associated expenses (travel, lodging, etc.). Minimum class size is ten (10) students. Maximum class size is dictated by the host Agency’s training location, type/intensity of the course as well as the instructor-to-student ratio.


Selecting equipment for industrial technical rescue can feel like an overwhelming task. When buying equipment, you must consider frequency of use, training, compatibility, and maintenance. Black Dragon can work with you to select the most appropriate equipment setup for your unique situation. Documentation and maintenance of equipment is also essential, employers and rescuers alike, are morally and legally responsible to inspect and maintain their equipment at set intervals. Proper documentation can also assists in budgeting, tracking, maintenance, and retirement schedules. Before the start of the course we will request a copy of your team SOP's, safety policies, equipment inspection logs etc. (not necessary for initial contact but will be needed before course.) To meet your training needs, we offer the most educational and informative classes available anywhere. We tailor our course schedules to meet your training needs.

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